Fin’amor Candle
Fin’amor Candle

Fin’amor Candle

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Fill your home with feelings of hope, love and expression with Etica’s signature candle, Fin’amor. Blended exclusively for Etica, it features a fragrance profile of bergamot with a heart of Rosewood, grounded in a base of leather.  Hand-poured in Hobart, this beautifully balanced home scent makes an ideal gift for someone you love – or for yourself. 


Fin’amor was named for the literary conception of love in Medieval times between a knight and a lady of nobility  – a love characterized by admiration, chivalry, and secrecy. It was this love that drove the knight to be a better person, whether the feelings were reciprocated or not because the act of loving allowed him a life lived with full expression. This perfectly encapsulates the essence of Etica: a life lived beautifully and expressed wholly. 


Size: 80D x 100H mm. e 360gm

Material: soy wax, metal vase

Care instructions: 

  • Allow a minimum of two hours burn time when you first light to allow for the wax to melt evenly and avoid “tunneling”
  • Trim your wick to 4-6mm every four hours
  • Store candle in a cool, dark area to preserve the integrity of the fragrance